Analytics and AI/ ML Solutions

nikoways develops customized analytics and AI/ ML solutions that combine latest algorithms with creativity, innovation and technology.

Objective is to improve your business performance with deep insights about customers and industry using latest and the most appropriate AI/ ML/ analytics techniques.

  • Customer Analytics

    Deep data mining and predictive modelling of data from mobile apps, transactions, CRM systems, telemetry, sales and marketing, web clickstreams, attitudinal surveys.

  • Social Media Analytics

    Deep data mining of data from blogs, online forums, Twitter to identify influencers and influence drivers.

  • Business Analytics

    Deep data mining of primary and secondary data to identify industry trends and opportunities.

Analytics and AI/ ML Solutions

Analytics Software Integration and Implementation

nikoways has expertise in turning data into practical insights and to implement the recommendations by developing customized software code and software integration for the analytic solutions.

Objective is to develop software code to integrate and implement AI/ ML analytics solutions.

Analytics Software Integration and Implementation


Implement analytics solutions within existing or as necessary new technology platform.



Develop web and mobile applications, on-premises or cloud analytics applications.

Analytics Expertise

nikoways has expertise in many different types of analytics including but not limited to following:

  • Predictive and optimization models for marketing mix, pricing, demand forecasts, churn prediction, customer life time value, customer segmentation, brand loyalty, and brand equity.
  • Product engineering analytics for optimal product feature discovery and prioritization.
  • Market campaign effectiveness and uplift estimates for campaign ROI tracking.
  • Social media data mining for influencer tracking, and optimization.
  • Global tracking of NPS/ Customer loyalty, pain points, loyalty drivers.
  • Deep data mining of a variety of data including search queries, device/ PC/ machine telemetry data, CRM, text comments, surveys, web clickstreams.
  • Discover sales/ user growth drivers using transactional data in a variety of sectors including software, search engines, banks, telcos, retailers.
  • Data visualization, dashboards, simulation tools, and interactive web apps.
  • Deep mining of digital assistant application adoption, usage.
  • Estimate market size and market growth rates, and identify specific locations with highest demand potential.
  • Predicting machine/ device/ app/ wearable failure rates using telemetry data.
  • Tracking of worldwide brand perceptions, differentiation, awareness, usage, preferences.
  • Computer vision CNN/ DNN deep learning models for images in a variety of asset inspection cases.
Analytics Expertise

Analytics Case Studies

  • Built one of the largest business intelligence AI platform with Online Analytical Processing layers using AI/ML algorithms.
  • Developed engagement intelligence ML platform to automate user sentiment analysis and recommend what, where, and when to post.
  • Created one of the largest customer loyalty tracking program using state-of-the-art data collection and proprietary driver analysis methodologies.
  • Developed UAVLancer for renewal energy sector that UAVLancer that provides Defect Detection & Predictive Analysis of Drone Inspection images using AI and Machine Learning.
Analytics Case Studies