About nikoways

nikoways brings together expertise to highly creative online marketing campaigns with development of innovative cloud and mobile technology solutions. In equal strength, in parallel nikoways works to improve your operating performance and helps you achieve growth & profitability targets using data driven decisioning via state of the art data analytics and AI/ ML solutions.

Our Team

Founder and CEO - Kush Jain

Kush is founder and CEO of nikoways. He oversees the company strategy, business development, and operations.

Kush Jain / Founder and CEO

Head of Analytics and Delivery -  Deepak Agrawal

Deepak is Chief Analytics Officer of nikoways. He oversees the company's analytics strategy, analytics products, and delivery.

Deepak Agrawal / Chief Analytics Officer

Why nikoways

High return on investment

High return on investment

From 20-40% cost savings compared to on-site costs without reduction or compromise on quality.

Best in class

Best in class quality

From our multi-phase proprietary methodology that ensures a keen attention to details.

Fast project turnaround

Fast project turnaround

From distributed teams working together using best delivery practices and adaptive processes.

Integrated software solutions

Integrated software solutions

From software integration and implementation that puts analytic solutions to work.