Contract Management

Blockchain Smart Contracts automate contract creation and execution and eliminates (substantially minimizes) the need for third parties required to create contracts and manage disputes. nikoways uses Ethereum Blockchain based smart contracts that allow the users to rapidly negotiate and create contracts.

Smart Contracts are at the heart of nikoways and they provide these benefits to the users:

  • Eliminates dependence on intermediaries. There is no need to seek help of a lawyer for each contract, making the process faster and simpler.
  • Guarantees safety and confidentiality as all the hash of all the contracts is stored in blockchain. No one can temper with the contract once this is done.

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nikoways Blockchain Contract Management Benefits:

Better than existing solutions (PDF, Docusign, etc)

Better than existing solutions (PDF, Docusign, etc)

  • Data or sequence of transactions can't be mutated or manipulated
  • Increased security as the contract validation information is stored separately from the contract (data)
  • Digital signatures are generated using cryptography and everyone can sign in parallel
  • No third party ownership, security, non-repudiation, trust, and integrity
Self-Executing Smart Contracts

Self-Executing Smart Contracts

  • Smart contracts eliminate the need of lawyers and third parties to negotiate and write contracts
  • Blockchain contracts are smart contracts that use a software to monitor terms and trigger actions
  • Self-executing smart contracts automatically track obligations and eliminate manual review
  • Payments or dispute resolution can automatically happen based on the contract rules
Security, Cost, and Transparency

Security, Cost, and Transparency

  • Eliminates third-party fees for creating contracts and provides free lifetime data retrieval
  • Cost to store data in blockchain is very less compared to buying expensive software to track the data
  • Better transparency as anyone can view transactions on blockchain
  • Blockchain provides proof-of-existence so data and transaction records can't be altered
Integrity, Authentication, and Non-Repudiation

Integrity, Authentication, and Non-Repudiation

  • Digital signature of the contract is created with private key of the authenticated user and the file hash
  • Digital signature is stored in a neutral public environment, blockchain
  • Provides full privacy as the contract is never stored in blockchain
  • Anyone with the contract can check its integrity by verifying the digital signature

nikoways Contract Signing using Blockchain

UAVLancer - Contract Signing using Blockchain

nikoways Contract Management using Blockchain

nikoways Blockchain Contract Management

nikoways Blockchain Platform

Our platform will make Blockchain and Smart Contract technologies mainstream and more usable for day to day business activities. nikoways platform has the potential to be used by members of various ecosystems around the world. nikoways provides a secure, decentralized, and autonomous solution that brings buyers and sellers together.

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nikoways Blockchain Platform

Blockchain Smart Contract:

Smart Contract

Self-Executing Smart Contract

Terms and conditions are agreed by all the parties and converted into software program.

Actions Based
on Triggers

Actions based on Triggers

Data is constantly monitored and code automatically executes based on triggers.

Contract Execution
and Value Transfer

Contract Execution and Value Transfer

After the contract is successfully completed, the value (e.g. payment) is automatically transferred.

Proof of

Proof of Settlement

The value transfer data is written into blockchain and can't be mutated (Proof of Existence).

Project Management

nikoways Blockchain platform uses Ethereum smart contracts to drive each project. The smart contracts are automatically executed as per the triggers defined in the contract and payment is automatically made upon the successful execution of the project.

Nikoways Blockchain based Project Management.

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nikoways Blockchain Project Management

Payment Management

nikoways uses smart contracts to instantaneously create escrow and make immediate payments.

The benefits of this approach is that payments are secure and the providers don’t have to waste valuable resources to follow up on payments and get paid immediately when the work is completed.

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nikoways Blockchain Payment Management

Cryptocurrency Payment

Fast Payment

Once the work is completed and approved, the money will automatically be transferred from the escrow or customer’s account to the service provider.

Blockchain Escrow Management


The project value will be stored in the contract at the time of project creation.