Email Marketing

Many times the emails sent either do not reach the target audience or are filtered out by customers since they are irrelevant to their current tastes and preferences. As a result, low number of leads/conversions occur resulting in spending your marketing budget without any ROI. nikoways implements various techniques that have proven to increase the response rate. Effective email marketing campaigns are essential marketing tools needed to market the products and services in less time and reach large audiences.

Email Marketing

nikoways process for effective email marketing campaigns:


Digital Strategy

Strategy is formulated in consultation with customer and a regular follow-up is maintained.

Creative and Design

Creative and Design

Innovative responsive email templates are developed to suit the requirements.

Contact List Management

Contact List Management

Creation and maintenance of a healthy contact list is regularly scheduled.

Targeted Emails

Targeted Emails

Customer segmentation for proper email targeting is a key part of the campaign.

Follow up

Customer Follow up

Creation of an attractive landing page and a lead capture process is implemented.

Campaign Tracking and Analysis

Campaign Tracking and Analysis

Campaign tracking, analysis, and reporting are timely completed.

Marketing and Sales Collateral

We develop innovative sales and marketing collaterals to help move prospective buyers further in the sales process. We have put together a definitive list of collateral needed to succeed in the business today. We believe that an on target business collateral can keep the products and services on top of the mind of your potential customers.

Our strategy:

  • Identify client’s needs and opportunities for collateral
  • Write original and innovative content or rewrite the existing copy
  • Manage project timeline and adhere to the budget estimates
  • Design graphics and layout and develop print friendly collateral
Marketing and Sales Collateral

Web and Infographic Design

Infographic is an artistic process that unites creativity and technology to convert complex information into an interesting graphic. Our graphics personnel creates compelling graphical designs which perfectly match the customer requirements as well as are aesthetically pleasing.

Our Approach:

We follow a systematic approach to understand our clients’ challenges and aspirations, apply our strategic thinking and experience, and create innovative and sophisticated designs:

Understand Customer Requirements


The process starts by listening to client’s story and asking questions about the challenges, goals, and aspirations. Detailed research provides insight into the target audience, environment, timing, requirements, and constraints.

Create Infographics


Our design team develops creative design choices keeping the creative brief in mind. The solutions provided are an effective and elegant representation of brand’s identity across all media platforms.

Think Creatively


In collaborative meetings with the clients, as well as through our internal team meetings, we identify and articulate the approach to be followed, marketing strategy to be focused upon, core messages to be highlighted, content structure to display (wireframes) and capture everything in our creative brief.

Improve Designs


We take regular feedback from our clients and track the success of the designs. This feedback is used to innovate and improve the designs to improve consumption.

Presentation Creation

We believe that making a presentation is an art as well as science, and we are proficient in both. Business presentations include sales presentations, product launches, and key training sessions. Our creative and designing experts know how to put best presentation in front of audience through storytelling, animation, data representation, graphs, and images.

Presentation Creation