What is nikoContract Digital Signatures?

nikoContract Blockchain-based smart contracts allow users to rapidly negotiate and create contracts making the contract management process faster and simpler.

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Benefits of Digital Signatures

Better than existing solutions (PDF, Docusign, etc)

Better than existing solutions (PDF, Docusign, etc)

  • Uses Digital signatures that are generated using cryptography and everyone can sign in parallel.
  • Data or sequence of transactions can't be mutated or manipulated.
  • Increased security as the contract validation information is stored separately from the contract (data).
  • No third party ownership, security, non-repudiation, trust, and integrity.
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Self-Executing Smart Contracts

  • Smart contracts eliminate the need of lawyers and third parties to negotiate and write contracts
  • Blockchain smart contracts are programmatic and automatically monitor terms and trigger actions.
  • Self-executing smart contracts automatically track obligations and eliminate manual review.
  • Payments or dispute resolution can automatically happen based on the contract rules

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Security, Cost, and Transparency

  • Eliminates third-party fees for creating contracts and provides free lifetime data retrieval.
  • Cost to store data in blockchain is very less compared to buying expensive software to track the data.
  • Better transparency as anyone can view transactions on blockchain.
  • Blockchain provides proof-of-existence so data and transaction records can't be altered.
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Integrity, Authentication, and Non-Repudiation

  • Digital signature of the contract is created with private key of the authenticated user and the file hash.
  • Digital signature is stored in a neutral public environment, blockchain.
  • Provides full privacy as the contract is never stored in blockchain.
  • Anyone with the contract can check its integrity by verifying the digital signature.

What can you do with nikoContract?

Create and send easily

Create and send contracts in just a few steps. To upload your contract, add a signer address, add fields to your contract, and go send.

To learn more, watch: How to create and send contract?


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Flawless Sign

Signers sign contracts that are assigned. Click the contract to open and sign the contract easily.

To learn more, watch: How to sign the contract?

Deployment and Payment Preferences

Some advanced features to deploy contracts using secure payment transactions.

To learn more, watch: How to deploy and pay for contracts?

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Verify and Review contract

Verify and view your contract status, send the contract, sign the documents by all signers, and store contracts to google drive.

To learn more, watch: How to view and store contracts?